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Leaving Happy City
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Leaving Happy City
11th Aug 2016, 11:44 AM in Epilogue
Author Notes:
And this is the end. Will Fuzzball and Scuzzball find happiness in Hometown, Ohio? I don't know. It's up to you, gentle reader, to decide for yourself.

Dale French co-wrote and penciled the last three pages; thanks for chipping in, old chum. And thanks to Dale, of course, for creating or co-creating most of these characters, and helping to bring them to life over the thirty years. Even when he wasn't directly involved in creating the comic, he was an inspiration.

Thanks to Steve Johnson for originally commissioning a Fuzzball & Scuzzball comic strip for The Death Cookie; thanks to Ray Forsythe for countless hours of technical support; thanks to Matt Kish for scanning things for me back when I didn't have a working scanner, and for lobbying tirelessly for the return of Big Chin McIlhenny; thanks to my loving wife Alice for her support, guidance, and coloring assistance; thanks to Josh Burnett and Jeffrey Johnson for contributing pages to the Hell Hath Lots of Fury story; and thank you to everyone who read this comic.

I'm going to miss it.

Don't be a stranger . . . check out more of my artwork at the Seeing Calvino tumblr. For some more Fuzzball & Scuzzball-related fun, you can read a few more Weirdo-Freak stories at the Weirdo-Freak web comic. Another character from Fuzzball & Scuzzball will be showing up one of these days in my web comic Laser Brigade, which I recently resumed updating. And, for a twice-weekly fix of thrilling adventure, be sure to read The Electric Team by me, my daughter Abby, and Samantha Albert.

Thanks again for reading!
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