Comic 62 - The Meaning of Life

1st Aug 2012, 7:00 AM in Scuzzball's Despair
The Meaning of Life
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Weirdo-Freak was created by D.F. French in, I would guess, 1986. He appeared in one issue of his own comic. It was drawn in green ink, just like Wally Sage's My Greenest Adventure.

In 1993, D.F.F. and I decided that Fuzzball and Scuzzball needed a supporting cast, so we looked back through our archives to find some characters we could revamp. We chose six, one of which was Weirdo-Freak. While the character had been happy-go-lucky before, we made him miserable, because adolescents are cruel.

A few years later D.F.F. and I put together a rough almost-sort-of proposal for a comic book series about Fuzzball and Scuzzball and friends and took it to a comics convention. I don't know that we ever showed it to any publishers, but while we were chatting at his table we showed it to Jim Woodring. Jim Woodring, as you should be aware, is one of the world's greatest living cartoonists. He was not too impressed with our work, but he did say, "Weirdo-Freak? That's a good name."

You hear that? JIM WOODRING says Weirdo-Freak is a good name for a comics character. That was enough of a reason for me to include him in this strip.