Comic 312 - Good-bye, Chappy

7th Jul 2016, 11:00 AM in Epilogue
Good-bye, Chappy
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Author Notes:

L8on 5th Jul 2016, 12:24 PM edit delete
Just like our last episode, this was written by Dale French and drawn by me.

As I mentioned last time, Dale's script for this one really surprised me. And then it made me feel guilty. See, back in Chappy's second appearance in this comic strip, we made it clear that he was gay. He showed up with his boyfriend, and said, "This is my boyfriend, Mitchell." No ambiguity. (Chappy and Mitchell broke up awhile ago, BTW--never got around to mentioning that in the comic itself.) Fuzzball had a catty thought about Mitchell's hair, which was kind of like a hint that maybe Fuzzball was gay, too?

Well, Fuzzball is gay, and Dale and I have known that since 1993. The idea was that he was in the closet, and living in denial, and couldn't admit it even to himself. We dropped many hints over the years, some more obvious than others. And while that was pretty forward-thinking for two teenagers from Kentucky in the 90s, only dropping hints that your co-lead character might be gay is pretty lame in today's world. I get that. What's worse, though, is that after Dale retired from making comics, and I took over writing and drawing the strip by myself, I stopped even dropping hints and never addressed the subject at all.

Why did I do that? It wasn't a conscious choice. In retrospect, it was just my own bias as a straight cisgendered man. I wrote a story about Scuzzball's tragic love for Sister June, because that interested me, but I didn't think to address Fuzzball's romantic interests. What I'm saying is that I've been a shitty ally to the LGBTQ community, and I'm sorry.

So I'm really glad Dale wrote this script, and put Fuzzball's romantic feelings front and center. I think he did a great job, and my only regret about this strip is that for the average reader Fuzzball's declaration of love for Chappy probably seems to come out of nowhere, since I didn't really lay any groundwork for it. But isn't it appropriate that Fuzzball and Scuzzball will both be leaving Happy City with broken hearts?

NEXT WEEK: Scuzzball says good-bye to his friends.