Comic 307 - Big Fred's Stereo & TV Warehouse

28th Apr 2016, 11:00 AM in Epilogue
Big Fred's Stereo & TV Warehouse
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L8on 28th Apr 2016, 11:00 AM edit delete
The demon Malev'lynn was at the center of the long-running "Hell Hath Lots of Fury" storyline, in which the forces of Hell came looking for him. At the end of that story, Malev'lynn had to leave Happy City to go on the run. You may have wondered where he went--now you know!

(It's kind of like Jimmy McGill ending up at the Cinnabon; you feel sorry for him, but then you remember that he did some pretty bad things.)

This officially concludes my take on Malev'lynn. If you want to see more of the character, please pester Malev'lynn's creator, Dale French, into drawing his continuing adventures.

Speaking of Dale French, this comic is based on a story he drew way back in January 1992, in a comic called Le Diable #8. That was an "out-of-continuity" issue, but it fit perfectly into this epilogue.

NEXT TIME: We head to the outskirts of Happy City, to learn the fate of another demonic character we haven't seen in awhile.