Comic 284 - Existence Precedes Essence, Part 2

29th Jul 2015, 11:00 AM in Hell Hath Lots of Fury
Existence Precedes Essence, Part 2
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L8on 29th Jul 2015, 11:00 AM edit delete
Three comics this week! If you missed Monday's comic, go read it and come back. This one will make a lot more sense. Then be sure to show up again on Friday for Part 3 of "Existence Precedes Essence"!

As I've mentioned before, my friend D.F. French created the character Malev'lynn back in 1990, when we were kids. Between July of 1991 and January of 1992 he drew seven issues of a comic book about Malev'lynn called Le Diable. We were always fond of the character, and years later we decided to make him a part of Fuzzball & Scuzzball's supporting cast, blah blah blah.

When Malev'lynn was in his own comic, he was evil; when he showed up in Fuzzball & Scuzzball, he was friendly. Since none of you have read the old comics--there's only one copy of each, and I have them in a folder in my house--this really doesn't matter, and I could easily could have made up a new backstory for the character. And yet . . . I don't know, I couldn't. On some level it is important to me to acknowledge the validity of the comic books my friend drew on typing paper when we were sixteen. It's some kind of sickness that comic book fans have. So I was thinking about why Malev'lynn might have gone from sadistic to nice, and that train of thought eventually led to me having a better insight into the character and, I think, made him deeper and more interesting. We'll see; there's two more pages of "Existence Precedes Essence" to go.

Today's comic should make total sense without all this background stuff. If you're curious, though, here are some footnotes:

Panel 2 - I looked up Malev'lynn's secret origin from Le Diable #3 for this panel. D.F. French came up with the name Lynn Beauvais and the character design. Did people really wear hats like that in 13th century France? I have no idea.

Panel 3 - Malev'lynn, the rock, and the weird hole in the wall are all copied directly from page 2 of Le Diable #1.

Panel 4 - I just made this one up, though the phrase "The most feared demon in all of Hell" was D.F.'s, and came up all the time in the old comics.

Panel 5 - A direct copy of a panel from Malev'lynn's entrance into the Fuzzball & Scuzzball canon, 1994's Fuzzball and Scuzzball Go to Heck.

Panel 6 - This is based on the modern Malev'lynn's first appearance in the Fuzzball's Dinner Party story line. This other stuff I've mentioned, these ancient decaying comics you'll never see, are so obscure they may as well not exist; this story line, on the other hand, is completely accessible. You can go and read it right now. It's all there! Anyway, the three ladies in the background were Scuzzball's girlfriends, Joy, Isabel, and Ellen. It was fun to draw them again, 13 or so years later. The guy is Mitchell, who was Chappy's boyfriend at the time. He only ever appeared in two strips, so I figured I'd let him make a cameo in the background.

ON FRIDAY: See where all this talk is leading!