Comic 167 - Sparkles On the Job!

12th Jul 2013, 10:00 AM in Sparkles!
Sparkles On the Job!
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L8on 11th Jul 2013, 10:36 PM edit delete
When I drew this comic, way back in '05, I was neither a teacher nor a firefighter. I worked in a bookstore. My co-workers and I were on our feet all day, waiting on customers, for a fairly unremarkable hourly wage.

Our store sold a lot of copies of Dilbert books, and other "humorous" publications about working in an office. I've never worked in an office for any length of time, and I'm sure it's horrible in ways I can't imagine, but for those of us working in retail, it was hard to have too much pity for people who worked a regular schedule, got to surf the internet at work, didn't have to deal with customers, were never asked to clean toilets, and who could sit down while they were at work. Oh, and they got paid about 1200 times as much as we did, with more benefits. So that's where this comic is coming from.

Since then I have learned that every job is horrible in its own special way, so one should not be too arrogant in one's misery.